Dissecting the Make-up of a Good Business Intelligence Manager

Being a business intelligence manager is no easy task. They have very important responsibilities that can make or break their respective organizations. Business intelligence managers are faced with everyday tasks that test their skills and intelligence in their chosen realm and are always being compared to the industry benchmarks. For one thing, they are always tasked with providing different types of projects and technical and functional activities to their different clients. They also need to know how to work well and coordinate with a group and their other client team members coming from the entire lifecycle of implementation which also requires them to demonstrate skills in strategic planning, designing, configuration, conversion, as well as post production support.

They also need to know how to identify the different business intelligence needs of the company, as well as choose just the right software which they can implement at the appropriate time. In addition, they also need to prepare reports on the analytics design themselves, as well as test for script identification and its execution. Change management planning and the execution of its strategies are also required. The business intelligence manager will need to show impressive project management skills and of course, food written and oral communication  which are necessary pre-requisites to leading their teams. Character-wise, good interpersonal skills are also a must as well as the ability to facilitate group meetings and set up interview sessions for prospective future members of his team that will be able to contribute greatly to its success.

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