Do We Need To Celebrate Customer Service Week?

Customer Service Week is a common way for organizations to promote the importance of customer service to the organizations, the clients, and the employees alike.

Some common issues that Customer Service Week tackles are: the need to provide Quality Service in combination with Customer Care; the need to keep Customer Service Reps educated about company products and services so that they can provide knowledgeable service to customers; and the need for Customer Service Reps to listen closely to customers when they have needs, wants, complaints and inquiries.

One common misconception is that Customer Service Reps should always have a smile plastered on their faces. This is a surface PR tactic that does nothing for helping customers get the customer service needed. Far better for the employer to invest in company training that will make Customer Service Reps knowledgeable in technical matters than to simply give smiley pins to the staff or put name tags that say Tell Me If I Am Not Smiling. Your employees have far more serious things to think about on the job than the brightness of their smile  and in the long run, customers will probably not notice, so long as the Customer Service Reps are capable, honest, and courteous.

Customer Service Week should also emphasize the proper recruitment of Customer Service Reps to weed out those who are ill-suited to the job and those who have the talents to be capable Customer Service Reps. Though it is unlikely you will stay forever in the Customer Service Rep position, the experience will help you understand how front line staff help the organization survive.

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