Doctor – I have a case of “PFT!”


Aagh… I think this is serious!  I am sure I have a fatal disease…. Please allow me to describe the symptoms:

  1.  Nausea due to serious head spins
  2. Sleepless nights with spouts of cold sweats
  3. Blurred vision – especially when reading
  4. feeling of time just passing me by…


Diagnosis…. PFT! – Post Fast-track Trauma!

It has now been 5 days since the fast track Managers Program, and already I am feeling high levels of stress.   Good stress.  – Self inflicted stress.  But stress none the less.  If we look at this from an ITIL® perspective (yet another symptom – everything seems to tie back to ITIL® Theory) we need to look at the underlying root cause of this problem.  The answer… Time management!


Make no bones about it – the Managers Program is intense, whether done in fast track mode or normal 12 day mode.   You are required to learn, at a much deeper level, ITIL® theory, understand every aspect about it – and apply it to the real world context (via a case study) based on your own work experiences – tough stuff!


But that is only part 1! – the real test of Managers is the self discipline to set yourself targets, plan, study and prepare yourself for the 2 x 3 hour essay style exams. – hence the symptoms all related to not yet having time to study, plan etc.  We all know that the trainers can only do so much. The real responsibility for the success of the program comes down to individuals’ ability to do al this.  My issue is that I WANT TO KNOW IT ALL!  I want to be able to wax poetically, connect, relate (but not so much in the non ITIL®/IT world – need to step away from that!) and forge my practical experience with my newfound knowledge…. Oh yeah and pass the exams!


So – the cure:

  1. set my study plan – bite size chunks
  2. create my Process Fact sheets as my personal templates for the processes
  3. put he books down when vision gets blurry
  4. drink more coffee!


Bring it on! 3 weeks till D Day!


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service




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