Does Anyone Need ISTQB Foundation Level Question Papers?

The ISTQB Foundation Level examination is one’s gateway to becoming an expert software tester. The ISTQB Foundation Level exam may not be very difficult, but passing this is required before one can take the ISTQB Advanced Level and Expert Level. In fact, there are 80 percent of the examinees every year who pass this level. But still, many aspiring software testers want to make sure they would belong to the 80 percent. And so, preparation is the key for that which may include downloading various ISTQB Foundation Level question papers. However, many are still asking if this is really needed.

In specialized forums on ISTQB Foundation Level examinations, many are asking where and how to have a copy of the question papers. Many deemed these very necessary for review. To answer that question, it just falls to the need of the examinee. If one is fully confident that he will pass the Foundation Level examination without the question papers, then, having the question papers is not needed. However, if one really wants to assure a passing score in the examination, downloading the ISTQB Foundation Level question papers is needed.

The ISTQB Foundation Level question papers are pieces of materials that have a similar format with the actual exam. These question papers serve as practice materials for the examinee. After reviewing on the basic software testing knowledge, one can have the ISTQB Foundation Level question papers and practice with them. Anyway, the Foundation Level exam is just a knowledge test and not a skills test so having these question papers is very helpful.

Anyone who is interested to have a copy of the ISTQB Foundation Level question papers can simply download the file. These are offered for free so there is no loss when taking these practice materials.

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  1. Hello Sir,

    Can you give me actual question paper of istqb foundation exam. I am a middle class man. I cannot afford to fail exam as i have borrowed rupees 4500 from a friend and paid the fee.

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