Does Linux Stand a Good Position on VMWare

VMWare or Virtual Machine Software is taking a greater leap in the industry of computers and information technology. The word virtualization or virtual machines has become a common household term to most techie people because of the wondrous comfort that it is able to give computer enthusiasts.

Think about virtual machine software as partitioning a whole object into several parts without the actual cut on it.  Sounds good but never complicated!

A lot of PC users nowadays are venturing into a lot of works on their single PC.  Most of the time, these enthusiasts are in need of too many resources all at the same time.  Take a look at working on a job that requires different operating systems.  You may think about how this could be possible.  With virtualization, this is going to be possible. 

Think about virtualization or VMWare as allocating your computer resources into several other resources that a PC user wishes to utilize.  This is done without the actual partitioning of the drive where you can install the other “resources” that you need.  The “actual partitioning” that is done only happens on “virtualization mode”. 

VMWare works with several other OS platforms.  The more popular of which is the Windows platform.  However, Linux, another robust operating system, works well with VMWare.  Not only that you can use both the Linux and Windows altogether using a virtual machine, but apparently, you can work on so many other OS platform along with these.  Mac OS X is the other OS platform that can be worked on to utilize the VMWare technology. 

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