Does MCSE 2007 Exist?

MCSE is a popular certification for IT professionals. There are a lot of MCSE versions. But many are asking, Is there an MCSE 2007?

Having a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification is a dream to almost all computer geeks. This Microsoft certification is the most widely-known and premier certification. This determines individuals capable of analyzing the information needs in a certain business enterprise. MCSE certified professional are also expected to created systems solution for businesses, as well as plan and implement the designed system solution.

The very first MCSE version is the MCSE 2000. This is still available today and is considered easier than its succeeding versions. MCSE 2000 only requires at least passing the five Core Exams and two elective tests. The next MCSE is the 2003 version where the candidate must be able to pass six core design exams and one elective exam. There is also the MCSE NT 4.0 which becomes obsolete but people with this certification are still recognized.

For 2007, Microsoft has not created version of MCSE. As of 2007, the latest MCSE version is still the MCSE 2003. But compared to the older MCSE 2003, its 2007 version has a different set of exams. That is, of course, updated to the 2007 development of Microsoft platforms.

So, when one is talking about MCSE 2007, the issue is about MCSE 2003 with a more updated set of exams. This would probably include skills and knowledge on Windows Vista and the latest Windows Server platform.

However, if one is still interested in taking the latest MCSE version, he can have the MCSE 2008 which only requires MCSE 2003 certification and passing a set of exam. The exam will involve the Windows Server 2008.

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