Doing the Manual Software Testing

What is software testing all about?  Are there are any acceptable lexical definitions of software testing?  Why are they needed?  Are there known classifications of software testing?

Software testing is a method that involves process of validating and checking that the software is able to satisfy and fulfill its objective based on its working design.  It is a way of knowing whether the produced software is conforming to the desired quality and that all is features and functions are working as designed.  At a certain extent, the software is tested to determine whether errors will arise based on given condition. 

Through the years, software and systems have predominantly co-existed with its creators – the programmers or software developers.  At this time when technology requires the use of software, the nature, size, and complexity of the newly released software began to radically evolve.  Due to this, the vendors, meaning the software makers, need to make sure that what is being produced is something that is wanted and needed by its targeted clients, therefore, the need for software testing. 

Part of the software testing is the manual software testing.  Manual software testing is assessing manually the functions of the software whether or not they fully function correctly and that they adhere to standards.  A set of written standards is being used by the software tester which apparently becomes the benchmark for the usability and validity of the software.  A series of testers will cross check all the details of the software to determine its consistency.

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