Dont Shelve that Six Sigma Book Just Yet!

A lot of people involved in six sigma can find many purposes for carrying and perusing through six sigma books from time to time. Do not think that the function of six sigma books are limited to the time when one is required to study for the belt exams  oh no, six sigma books utility stretches far longer into the future, so do not just give up or turn over your book simply because you had successfully passed your exams! For the novice six sigma player  or at least, those who are hoping to pass their green belt certification exams  a six sigma book is useful in such a way that it serves as a reviewer that will help you remember the important concepts you need to take to heart once you sit down and take your exam.

As we have said, the utility of the book goes past that. Once you have passed your exams, it is still a very useful thing for you to have your six sigma book with you all the time. When you are out of the frying pan and into the fire, you can refer to your six sigma book for trouble shooting in case something cocks up in your operations and you are at a loss or cannot recall from memory the correct procedure you need to implement to remedy the result. It can also be very useful to leaf through your six sigma book from time to time until you can memorize the concepts and throw around six sigma terms in casual conversations not just with your co-workers or fellow greenbelts, but with your supervisors as well. For sure, if they get impressed with how much knowledge you have about the six sigma process because of the way you throw around your terms in a knowledgeable manner, the chances of you getting a promotion will truly escalate.

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