Download PMBOK 2000: Use the Safe Ones

The onset of Internet and Websites brought together Information Technology, and this presented numerous, if not many, ways in which persons may exchange ideas easier than in the past.
And the increasing number and for Certifications brought more and more applicants wanting to have a Body of Knowledge for their Examination Certifications.
This is made apparent to any person by use of the Internet Search Engines.
But the problem lies with believing the information being provided to the reader.
As one Project Manager testifies, he was duped into downloading a Project Manager Body of Knowledge 2000 (PMBOK 2000) for free and all he got was a download-full of Computer viruses.
This person laments that he should have downloaded those that offer PMBOK 2000 for a price.
Those that have a fee would usually be the ones who are safe to download, while those that go for free are the ones that must be doubted first.
This is not to discredit the Websites that offer free ones, but in some cases viruses have been known to come from free downloads.
And viruses are a menace to any computer, especially on a computer being used by an applicant training for the PMP Certification Examination, who practically needs no disruptions and problems.
The Certification Examination is hard enough without the disruptions.
Although there have been free downloads that really offer PMBOK 2000 and not viruses, caution must still be exercised by the user.
In the end, the only advise to be given by those, who have been given viruses, is for the future users to determine first before using the safety of the materials to be downloaded.     

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