Download Web 2.0 Applications

The use of web-based, user-driven social computing, networking, and collaborative applications are increasing.  Web 2.0 allows users to do more than just retrieve information.  The applications include wikis, blogs, social networking sites, peer to peer file sharing, social book marking and tagging mashups, and virtual spaces. 

Web 2.0 allows more dynamic participation and interaction online. In as much as it is a web based community, people of same interest share ideas and information.  Some share photos, music’s and videos.  Web based communities and host services provide opportunities for users to upload and download information.  Some have programs that convert files to different formats.  Example is video sharing host service wherein the video host store videos on its server and users are provided with different types of code to allow others to view this video.  The same thing applies for photos and music sharing.  As you upload your photos and music, those within your community are given the opportunity to download your photo and music.

Web 2.0 allows people get connected to information.  People prefer to trust their friends in terms of downloading stuff, than take the risk of catching a virus from an unknown website.  Web 2.0 downloads come in many types.  Some take the form as web 2.0 tool bar, services icons, web templates, web generator, etc.

Some Web based communities and host services provide you link for download to improve your website.  As users try to improve their respective websites, other viewers are encourage to improve theirs as well. Check out available downloadable Web 2.0 applications and enhance your web.

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