DRS – Making a Mark on Disaster Recovery Services

Do you need help in any disaster recovery related process? Worry no more. The Disaster Recovery Services or DRS will be there to assist you in any business continuity concerns that you may have. DRS is a nationwide leader in providing disaster recovery solutions wherein it also supports other distinctive corporate computing environments such as image item proof of deposit or POD (used for restoration of image item POD and electronic image system delivery), image delivery (used for restoration of database driven server/client networks) and mail & remittance (used for restoration of mail and remittance applications).

Established in 1991 by a small group of IT professionals, the Disaster Recovery Services (DRS) is still finding ways on how to enhance disaster recovery and business continuity plans after the occurrence of catastrophic events or emergency situations. Since risk factors and threats may also depend on geographic location, the best solution is to include facilities and system redundancy, with support from professional services. Due to the limited number of users within a specific location, risks as brought about by multiple disasters with effects on certain facilities will then be mitigated. Recovery testing should also be done on a regular basis to ensure readiness.

DRS has been providing solutions since 1992, extending state of the art support and business driven efforts to various industry groups. With its commitment to providing world-class service, DRS employs its three pillars of support and these include the following: (a) Partnership with customers; (b) Employees who love what they do; and (c) Excellence in execution. These are just few of the many reasons why DRS is still in operation as of today: marking its way up to lead the pack among providers of alternate site systems and facilities.

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