Drupal Category and Its Uses

Drupal category module is creating so much buzz nowadays. This is considered to be advanced module that is being currently developed. It has a big function in Drupal.

What is Drupal category?

Drupal category module’s main function is to allow a user to structure his site into a tree-like hierarchy of pages. It also allows him to classify his content in one seamless interface. Further, a user doesn’t have to do two tasks using different and incompatible tools.

Why is Drupal category useful?

The Drupal category module is said to be an alternative to both Taxonomy and Book modules in Drupal core. The distinctive feature of this module is that it has vocabularies and terms nodes. Unlike in Drupal core, these are separated into two tools: one is taxonomy terms and vocabularies to classify the contents and then book nodes are used to structure the content into a hierarchical manner.

How to use Drupal category?

Drupal category is said to be huge and complex. Installing this into the existing data is not easy and uninstalling this is more difficult. There are also claims that installing Drupal category can slow down the website especially if the user has enabled many sub-modules. There are also bugs in Drupal category especially under the Drupal 5 version.

It is therefore better if the user could research other options before deciding to install Drupal category. If there are no other options and the user needs it to achieve some outcome, then that is only the time to use Drupal category module.

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