Ducks in a row…or V…



Line them up and set your goals…


Is your organization ready to tackle V3?  This is the conversation I have been having with numerous clients.  I know I have briefly discussed this before, but it stills seems to be at the forefront of many in the ITIL® world. 

Even more of a concern is the frustrations experienced trying to map “HOW” V3 could be introduced into a V2 environment.   One of the tools we used to assist with this is the ITIL® V3 Readiness assessment Toolkit.  After taking our clients through the toolkit, they quickly begin to see (alright – as quickly as it takes to survey your staff) where they need to focus their efforts in their transition across to V3.


One of the next steps they do is start up skilling their staff so there are drivers among the team. 


Once your ducks in row – you are more prepared to tackle that moving target of the flying ‘V’ ….



Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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