Duties Of The Project Management Director

Project management is the successful completion of a project requirement through the
proper application of knowledge, best practices, skills, tools and techniques in the most
efficient and cost effective way.  The project management director is the person
responsible for accomplishing the required goals and objectives through careful initiation,
planning, execution, monitoring and control. 

The project management director is also responsible for the overall accountability of the
project management and will provide direction, leadership and project roles to team
members.  It is assumed that the project management director already has acquired
knowledge of the processes of project management including the identification of
requirements, establishment of specific, measurable, achievable, reasonable and time-
bound objectives, balancing the demands of the project’s scope, time, and cost, and the
reporting and documentation of specific action plans on the various issues, concerns and
expectations of the stakeholders.

It is also expected that the project management director has expert familiarity in the
different knowledge areas of project management which includes integration, scope,
time, cost, quality, human resource, communications, risk, and procurement.

Part of the duties and responsibilities of the project management director is making the
team understand and use the different areas of expertise as described in the Project
Management Body of Knowledge.  He should be skilled in influencing the team, driving
their behavior, and aligning the process towards the successful completion of the project
according to the standards set by the project management plan.

Being the project management director, having a Project Management Professional
certification is essential and his experience in continuous improvements should be
applied in any project that he directs.

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