Dynamism – Strategic Approach for Change Management

Change management is all about strategy. Necessary changes within the organization should be a result of consistent planning and critical decision making wherein several strategies were thought of as to how the implementation process for a certain change should be started and then maintained to keep up with the demands of the market. Fast changing environments require dynamism in all aspects of the business and these include the following:

(a) The people – Everyone needs to commit themselves with planning, implementation and management phases of change.
(b) The resources – All the needed materials and equipment should be made available at all times to ensure high quality end results as a by-product of work efficiency and timeliness.
(c) The culture – Learn new strategies and behaviors that will positively impact the business and unlearn old ones.
(d) The processes – Keep effective processes but constant innovation is also needed for further improvement.
(e) The systems – Upgrade resources and applications whenever necessary.

Strategic approaches for change management vary depending on the needs of the business and organization as a whole. There are certain aspects that should be kept, especially those that were proven effective through the years. But then again, thinking of better ways to improve the current process will also be beneficial. Empowering people is one good strategy. Giving qualified personnel the capability of making decisions also means delegating responsibilities and encouraging them to think of better ideas and make some recommendations whenever applicable. Having an open communication will also break barriers and certain conflicts will then be minimized. There are some key elements that should be considered and in the long run, will establish goals for growth, development and continued success.

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