EA Certification Programs The Makings of a Future Enterprise Architect

Since most companies nowadays require certification, more and more IT professionals are getting into comprehensive training programs before taking up certification exams. This will enhance their skills and expertise on any specialized discipline that they want to pursue on to eventually meet a defined set of certification standards or requirements. One of these is the Enterprise Architecture certification program, which is being offered by most training institutions. The said program promises to provide potential candidates with high level of excellence in demonstrating proficiency when it comes to the Enterprise Architect profession. Usually, the time it takes to finish the course ranges from 8 to 10 hours (basic) up to 2 to 5 years (masters), depending on the program itself. Though the road to Enterprise Architecture certification may cost the candidate a lot of money, simply passing the exam will definitely mean gaining better rewards in the work place.

Working closely with the Institute for Enterprise Architecture Developments, several parties have developed a set of terms and standards for the Enterprise Architecture certification and some of which are the following: (a) Global Enterprise Architecture Organization (GEAO), a non-profit organization created by and for professionals who specialize in the field of Enterprise Architecture; (b) Federal Enterprise Architecture Certification (FEAC) Institute, provides education and training that leads to a certification in Integrated Security Framework and Federal Enterprise Architecture; (c) DCI University, offers an 8 to 10-hour course with practical strategies to successfully implement Enterprise Architecture; and (d) Radbound University Nijmegen (Netherlands), facilitates a 5-year Master study that addresses all the elements of Enterprise Architecture.

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