Easy Drupal Photo Gallery Building

Photos usually make the web site more attractive to the readers. Photos have this effect to let the viewers stop and take a look what is on your web page. And if you want to create this impact on your viewers then it is advisable that you use Drupal in creating your photo gallery. Some say that doing this on Drupal is somewhat very complicated. Usually, viewing the photos would mean opening each photo gallery you have. And some disappointments are coming since they are unable to do the things they wanted for their gallery.

Actually you can have a very easy to create photo gallery in Drupal. There are so many tutorials, forums and even handbooks that would teach you how to build a very easy to view photo gallery. You can create a photo gallery using Image Field, Contemplate and CCK. Just create a new content type of your choice and then add image field. You can then upload photos and add in some customizable texts for each. From your image cache, you can set then the thumbnail size that you prefer. Then go to create content and choose Image Gallery. You can then upload all the photos and you can proceed to Display Fields and choose Thickbox. This image cache should be hidden.

From there, you can use Contemplate now to create some style on the page. You can still continue styling it then using CSS. Creating photo gallery in Drupal should never be complicated. You just have to learn how to sort the information you get from other forums or handbook so that you can devise your own photo gallery.

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