ECDL – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Since the European Computer Driving License or ECDL is one of the most in-demand certification nowadays, it is just normal that a lot of prospective candidates will ask questions on how to qualify and eventually pass the said certification program. Indeed, ECDL is an internationally recognized certification that allows people to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of computer functions and its common software applications.

One of the most frequently asked questions is if ECDL is available worldwide. Fortunately, ECDL has been expanded and crossed the borders of continental Europe already. ECDL is now being administered in 148 countries and in 38 different languages. Some of these countries include United States of America, Canada, Australia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. As of the year 2007, the ECDL Foundation has reportedly issued more than 7 million certificates. This headcount continues to grow as more and more IT enthusiasts are getting into the ECDL vibe for job prospects improvement.

Another common question is the scope of the ECDL exam. Unlike other certification programs, ECDL is divided into 7 modules that will give prospective candidates a slight idea of what to expect during the exam. These modules include the following: (a) Basic IT Concepts – general computer knowledge, (b) Using and Managing Files, (c) Word Processing – i.e. using MS Word, (d) Spreadsheets – i.e. using MS Excel, (e) Databases – i.e. using MS Access, (f) Presentation – i.e. using MS PowerPoint, and (g) Information and Communication – email and the Internet. Passing all tests for each of the 7 modules means obtaining an ECDL certificate. For more information, inquire at a credible testing center nearest you.

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