ECDL 4 Essentials

Changes in technology are inevitable as man always seeks for improvement as days pass by. From manual labor to automated machines and from abacus to the computer – these changes have made significant effects on people’s lives. These did not only make man’s day to day job a lot faster and easier, but these also have provided new career opportunities to many. Without a doubt, the best invention ever created is the computer, and since it constantly evolves every now and then, fields of study, as well as certification programs such as European Computer Driving License or ECDL also adjusts to the changing times. This is the reason why the ECDL Syllabus was developed.

Constantly checked and monitored by the ECDL Foundation, ECDL Syllabus documents are guaranteed to be updated regularly. Previously, its latest version is ECDL Syllabus 4, but now, they are looking into implementing the Syllabus 5. Since Syllabus 4 is still widely used nowadays, here are some of the books that you should be reading to know more about it:

(a)   ECDL 4 for Dummies (Paperback)

Authored by Steve Young, this book was published in July 30, 2005 containing 592 pages. It is designed to help students prepare for the 7 ECDL tests for each module and eventually pass it.

(b)   How to Pass ECDL 4: Office XP (Paperback)

This book contains 592 pages and was published in June 10, 2004. It was written by Paul Holden and Sharon Murphy. This student friendly book is very much ideal to accompany students in their quest for ECDL supremacy.

These are just two of the many reference materials to pass ECDL 4. For more information such as the retail prices for each book, it is therefore recommended to drop by to a bookstore near you.

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