ECDL Advance: A Module Designed for the Power User

ECDL Advance is a higher level certification process designed for computer power users.  This advanced course work is ideal for individuals who already finished the ECDL licensing and certification process.  This is also designed for IT personnel that possess advanced knowledge of computer applications.

Getting the ECDL Advance license can make a definite mark on the careers of employees.  They can show that they are not only knowledgeable in basic computer applications but they are also experts in utilizing the different tools and plug-ins of the programs. 

The British Computer Society is one of the pioneers in providing the advance coursework for ECDL.  They offer this advance training and certification process for those who finished the Level 1 and Level 2 course work of BCS.  Other training institutions, universities, and computer centers also provide ECDL Advance courses which have curriculums authorized by the ECDL Foundation.

The ECDL Advance consists of the four core applications for office administration.  These core applications are word processing, spreadsheets, database, and presentations.  Although these areas are well covered in basic ECDL, the advance utilities and functions of these programs are cultivated by the ECDL Advance courses. 

The process of certification is also similar to the basic ECDL certification.  Candidates should enroll in the Advance program so that they can be allowed to take the qualifying exams.  They can train for the advance modules, but if candidate feel that they have enough knowledge of the courses, they can take the exam and wait for their certification.  This is applicable if they can pass the rigorous exams.  It is generally advised therefore for advanced computer users to review their knowledge of the core office applications in order to successfully overcome the ECDL Advance certification tests.

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