ECDL Advanced Excel: Producing Quality Spreadsheets Experts

ECDL Advanced Excel is a specialized course for utilizing the advance functions of MS Excel.  It is a fact that Excel is the most popular and widely used spreadsheets program.  It can be utilized by companies as well as individuals for managing and organizing their data in tabular forms. 

The advanced Excel however offers additional skills in creating dynamic forms, links data and automatic parameters, and integration of separate spreadsheets.  This advance ECDL course for spreadsheets offers a separate license and certification.  It is part of the entire advance ECDL program which includes advance courses in word processing, database, and presentation.

Some institutions require students and candidates to finish their basic ECDL and get the necessary certification for that level.  Other schools on the other hand allow their students to take the advanced Excel course work and certification exams even without finishing the basic ECDL requirements. 

This advanced certification procedure for Excel is administered by the British Computer Society.  Courses can last for 21 hours.  This can be divided into 7 three – hour sessions.  It means that the advanced Excel courses can be finished in just a week and the student can immediately take the certification exams. 

Candidates that can successfully pass the advanced Excel course can apply for Level 3 certification for advanced computer users.  Having an advanced Excel license is a distinction of expertise.  In fact, after successfully taking the other three advanced ECDL courses, they can apply for expert certifications.  This certification could certainly boost careers and widen job opportunities.

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