ECDL Advanced Word Courses: Creating Superior Documents

ECDL advanced word processing course is ideal for middle level staff, research personnel, and graduate students.  That’s because these job categories use lots of word documents to be able to organize their work and produce useful information resource.  Word processing application is not a simple type and print program.  There are lots of tweaks that can be made on it in order create enhanced and dynamic documents. 

The advanced ECDL for word seeks to harness the abilities of individual computer users to make word processing a dynamic program that can be used for professional publishing and presentations of reports.

The dynamic advanced tweaks that can be learned from ECDL Advanced Word course include advanced formatting of documents that may include word linking, paragraph hotlink, and automation of custom formats.  Another important advanced skill that could be learned from advanced words is recording and running of Macros and the ability to embed dynamic tables that have dropdown functionalities and radio buttons.

Other functions such as advanced editing, multiple language translations, and advanced printing and publishing options can also be learned.  In fact, word documents can also be converted into web pages with HTML tags for easy publication of documents on the Internet.  All these can be made available on advanced courses and lessons on ECDL Word Processing.

After passing the certification exam on advance word, users can create, customize, and edit documents that can be published anywhere whether on commercial or electronic publications.  With advanced web functionalities, documents now can be easily uploaded on the Internet.

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