ECDL CD ROM: Providing Portability and Convenience for ECDL Trainees

CD-ROMs have been used extensively by ECDL training centers in providing study materials for their trainees.  The portability and convenience of ECDL courses in CD-ROM made it the hottest study materials in the inventories of training schools.

ECDL CDs can be audio or video.  Audio CDs can contain lectures and voice presentation of different ECDL courses and modules.  This type of study material can be played on standard portable CD players for easy recall of concepts and principles of computer technology.  The audio presentation can be played over and over to enhance memorization of those who will take the ECDL exams.

ECDL CD-ROM can also be formatted as video presentation.  This is a more comprehensive study material which will include lectures and graphical presentations of ECDL modules.  This type of study material is used for online tutorials using streaming videos.  However, the CD tutorials can be purchased independently so that the lectures can be studied repeatedly.

ECDL CDs can also contain important documents, references, study guides, workbooks, and test papers or mock exams.  The 750 megabyte capacity of CD-ROM can contain electronic documents that can equal to a complete set of encyclopedia.  That’s the storage power of CD-ROMs that is why they are used widely by ECDL training centers as an important study materials.

ECDL CD-ROMs are good addition to the study materials of those who will take the ECDL certification exams.  These materials however must be purchased from authorized ECDL coursework vendors in order to ensure the accuracy and quality of the study materials.

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