ECDL Cost and the Value of ECDL Certification

Upon registration to the ECDL certification program, candidates will be given a logbook.  This official ECDL logbook costs 25 pounds sterling.  No one can take the exam without the official ECDL logbook.

The logbook will be used to record the abilities of the candidates whether they are prepared to take the exam or not.  The results of the exam will also be stored on the official logbook so this small office material serves a critical function in the entire ECDL certification process.

The official ECDL logbook has a life-span of three years.  It means that candidates have three years to complete the seven modules of the ECDL certification process.  Within that period, trainings, self studies, and mock exams can be taken as preparatory steps for each ECDL module exams.

Each ECDL exam cost 15 pounds.  It means that the entire certification exam will cost 105 pounds plus the cost of the logbook.  This is a small amount compared to the benefits of having an official ECDL computer proficiency certificate.

The 130 pound cost of ECDL certification process can become higher if candidates will enroll in formal trainings.  These trainings are expensive but they can ensure success in the exams.  Self study materials such as CD ROMs. Practice test papers, workbooks, and other study kits can also be more expensive than the actual cost of the exam.  However, as with trainings, these are valuable tools that will ensure success at the exams.  It can be considered an investment that can pay big dividends in the future.

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