ECDL Distance Learning: Providing Convenience and Flexibility for ECDL Training

ECDL distance learning is simply the online training service provided ECDL vendors.  There are lots of training centers on the Internet and most of them offer full online education.  Trainings are not really compulsory for the ECDL certification.  What is needed is the candidate’s enrolment to the ECDL program.  They will be given an official logbook or scorecard which they will use to take the exam. 

Candidates may opt to self study and gather all the available materials they can find.  They can practice on individual computers using the workbooks as guides. However, some ECDL candidate may not be comfortable using self study methods to prepare for the certification exams.  ECDL distance education centers then can be their best alternative.  The benefits if the ECDL distance learning system can be summarized in the following points:

First, full online, distance education provides flexibility, comfort, and convenience.  ECDL candidates will not go to the motion of attending classroom discussions which can eat up valuable time.  Through full online distance learning, candidates can choose their own schedules and study at the comfort of their homes or during their breaks at the office.

 Second, distance education, especially if the training center has the proper hardware, can provide intensive highly personalized trainings.  One on one tutorial lesson can be offered by these online schools which is ideal for those who have difficulty learning in a classroom set-up.

Distance education is ideal for ECDL candidates that do not have time for regular classroom studies.  They can always enroll in a full online school and still learn valuable ECDL lessons.

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