ECDL Exam Details

There are a lot of certification programs that IT professionals can take nowadays to get additional credentials that will give them greater chances of landing on a high paying job of their choice. These would depend on their area of expertise. To start off, they also have the option to take on generic entry-level computer certifications such as European Computer Driving License or ECDL. It is intended to demonstrate a user’s expertise in all-round computer use typical to an office-like environment. There is no pre-requisite for the ECDL certification but candidates must pass 7 individual exams before an ECDL certificate is awarded. These 7 modules are the following:

(a)   Module 1: Basic concepts of Information Technology – includes basic hardware questions.

(b)   Module 2: Using the computer and managing files – includes questions about computer features and functionalities.

(c)   Module 3: Word Processing – i.e. MS Word

(d)   Module 4: Spreadsheets – i.e. MS Excel

(e)   Module 5: Databases – i.e. MS Access

(f)    Module 6: Presentation – i.e. MS PowerPoint

(g)   Module 7: Information and Communication – i.e. IE browser (web) and MS Outlook (email).

Module 1 is more like a theory-based exam with approximately 35 questions on multiple-choice format. Modules 2 to 7 contain various exercises designed to measure the candidate’s practical skills of computers and some of its applications. ECDL aspirants are given 45 minutes to complete each exam. They also have the option to take all exams at once or individually in any order. As for the passing mark for each exam, it usually depend on the module and it would be best to ask test administrators about it before the exam is taken so as to avoid false expectations.

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