ECDL Home: An Overview

The ECDL is a world-wide non-profit organization that has gained fame and respect from various established organizations all over the globe.  It is a known organization in about 150 countries and has been gaining immense acceptance to this date.  As an organization, this was developed for people who would want to acquire a certification to qualify as a competent and reliant workforce in the industry.  Potentially, this qualification shall further enhance the career path of a certified and qualified individual. 

The ECDL as a course is comprised of seven well-designed and industry-related subjects.  They are geared towards enhancing the computer skills of an individual. Specifically, the following are the 7 key concepts after completing the course: Fundamental Concepts of Computing World and Information Technology; Word Processing; Spreadsheet; Relational Database; Presentation software; Internet and Communication; and Networking.

After these 7 key concepts have been learned and studied, it shall generally help the learner to earn confidence in the use of computer in the industrial setting.  Specifically, it shall benefit the learner and the organizational employer as it can:

• Raise his competency in information technology.
• Relatively improve the work productivity
• Enable the company owner to practically pour his capital investment efficiently in the IT industry
• Assure the learner a good foundation in terms of ethics and values in the workplace. 

The certification of qualification that a learner can acquire from completing the ECDL course is one good ticket that towards being recognized as a qualified workforce in the international scene.


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