ECDL Module 6 — Showcasing Slideshow Presentation Skills

Anyone who wants to make his way up the corporate ladder with his technical skills must consider taking a certification from European Computer Driving License (ECDL). ECDL is a program run by the non-profit organization ECDL Foundation. Certifications by ECDL are recognized as an official license by more than a hundred countries. Employers rely on ECDL scores to determine the level of technical skills of hopeful applicants.

ECDL is made up of seven mandatory modules and an optional eighth module. Each module tests a particular technical skill set. Module 6 in particular focuses on measuring the knowledge of an examinee when it comes to using presentation software and applications, one popular example of which is Microsoft PowerPoint.


In module 6, the examinee is expected create from scratch a whole slideshow presentation.  Aside from creating slides, he must also be able to show how to modify, format, and edit slides to fit a variety of layouts. He should also be able to use different effects during his presentation, and not just to the whole slides, but to the individual elements of the slides as well. Lastly, the examinee must be able to show his knowledge in using graphics, pictures, colored or patterned backgrounds, and charts in his presentation. To pass module 6, the examinee must get a grade of at least 75%, or 24 points out of a possible 35.People who are interested in working as trainers, managers, client relations officers, and other positions that require a lot of interaction with other people through presentations are advised to get an edge over their competitors by getting an ECDL certification.

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