ECDL Portal: Providing Valuable Assistance for ECDL Certification

An ECDL portal can be found usually on three kinds of sites.  First, courseware provider and training centers have a portal for ECDL.  This site is exclusively dedicated to the study of ECDL modules.  There are download functions and utilities on this kind of ECDL portal as well as important links to online tutorials on the different aspects of ECDL certification courses.

The second type of ECDL portal can be found on university or school institution websites.  Usually, this service is provided by schools to their students as a special course that can be accomplished within a semester.  Students need to enroll through the ECDL portal and they can also get the study materials there.  However, users who are not bona fide students of a school institution can also access this portal by availing of the ECDL courses for the semester.

The third type is provided by the ECDL Foundation.  There is a dedicated site for ECDL information and resources that can be accessed through the ECDL Foundation website.  Those who want to take the ECDL certification must use this portal to get sufficient information about the courses and the sanctioned vendors of ECDL modules as well as the authorized list of training centers.

ECDL portals are useful sites because they can help candidates prepare for the certification examinations.  Valuable sample study materials can be accessed through these portals which can be downloaded and studied at home.   Some of the best ECDL portals even provide comprehensive online tutorials that can guide the candidates on the step by step operations required for each ECDL module.

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