ECDL Sample Papers: Essential Training Tools for ECDL Candidates

ECDL sample papers are actually test questions that can be used by trainees to prepare for the actual exams.  Most ECDL sample papers approximate the actual examinations format for each module.  A trainee therefore can find multiple choice questions, practical exercises, and revision exercises on ECDL sample papers. 

Sample papers are provided to trainees as part the services of ECDL training centers.  In fact almost all online ECDL courseware provider and tutoring centers offer complete ECDL sample papers.  These papers can be downloaded as a zip file which contains the seven modules of the ECDL.  Other centers also provide extra documents or sample files that can be used as additional training and exercises materials.

There are also free ECDL sample papers which can be downloaded from the Internet.  However, as the ECDL syllabus is constantly being updated, some freeware ECDL courses, manuals, and sample papers could be outdated.  Although these materials will generally help ECDL candidates for their self-study, it would be best to get the latest version of ECDL materials based on the current syllabus.  In this way, candidates can be assured that their training materials can provide accurate information and latest techniques.

Those who will take the ECDL are advised to enroll in an accredited training center for ECDL.  These centers offer authorized sample papers and other materials.  The current syllabus today is version 4.5 so it would best to get ECDL materials that conform to this update.   Getting the latest sample papers can make a big difference during the actual ECDL exams.

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