ECDL Standard Reference for the NHS

In the world of technology where everything is computerized, employees on the health service should be computer literate.  The National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom requires all those in the health industry device have a licensed in computing.  The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) is a certification program for which NHS recognizes.

ECDL companies have entered into agreement with the NHS to administer and support NHS staff in getting the ECDL certification.  The NHS recognized the need for their staffs the use of Information Management and Technology.  The NHS has used the ECDL as a reference standard of its staff computer literacy and competency.  The NHS has in fact provided funding for health service employees training fund to acquire the ECDL certification.  The increased use of technology made NHS to make a step to have their staff equipped with the basic IT skills.

In 2007, the British Computer Society launched a new ECDL for Health Unit. The syllabus was designed specifically for users of healthcare systems. The new ECDL Health Unit was developed to answer the demand for a more direct syllabus specific to the health sector. 
The ECDL learning for the NHS enabled users to read, retrieve, update and store patient records accurately.  It also provides candidates an understanding of the key issues regarding patient confidentiality and data security.  With the ECDL as a standard reference, NHS staffs are ensured that their staffs have the capability of adapting easily to new IT and information systems.  This would allow quick, easy access to patient’s information and the required care for patients,

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