ECDL Testing Tips: Ways to Overcome Test Anxieties

ECDL certification tests can be made easier by following some of the best testing tips developed by previous examinees.  These ECDL testing advises are practical solutions to principally eliminate and overcome anxieties and stress during the actual exams.

In any exams it is always best to carefully read the instructions for each section and sub-sections of the test.  This is also true for the ECDL exam in order to eliminate errors due to wrong interpretation of instructions.  Knowing what needs to be accomplished will certainly increase confidence and reduce anxieties.

If a difficult question is encountered, candidates must skip it and proceed to the next easy questions.  Overcoming the easy questions quickly will give examinees ample time to answer more difficult questions. 

If there is enough time, the examinees must carefully review their answers and look for items that have been missed out.  A good rule of thumb however is not to make any changes to the test papers unless the examinee is 100% sure of the correctness of the new answer.

The examinees must not be pressured by the time limitations.  If pressed for time, they should focus their attention to the items that they really know.  It is still better to answer more easy questions than to answer few hard questions.  Answering more questions increases the chance of making the 75% passing cut-off.

These ECDL testing tips have been used by other test takers.  The most important thing however is to thoroughly prepare for the ECDL exams to ensure success in one sitting.

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