ECM’s Goal is to Provide Content Management Security

ECM has all the kinds of security that an organization needs in document management. Such forms of security can be: security-enhanced repository, item-level security, workflow security, and others.

The capabilities of ECM when it comes to document management protection can be highly regarded because it has already proven that ECM doesn’t only help in securing business and other essential records but ECM also aims to ensure that records and documents are locked in the final state, inaccessible to unauthorized employees.

ECM has the ability to strengthen the security of content and it also has the facility to enhance the way organizational contents are created, managed, and finally stored. The enhancement features of ECM have the power to develop the enterprise’s capacity to secure the content. This is through automatic encryption of documents stored in the system of ECM.

The existing system of the enterprise can also be integrated to the ECM system. Apart from that, ECM can also protect the documents and emails that users create. The protection system can be done through document encryption. This feature of ECM is needed to prevent access that is unauthorized to every electric document that is essential to the organization.

Therefore, through the use of ECM systems, downloading, emailing, copying and transferring of any document from within the system can not be easily done with the permission of the corporate network management. This is because the administrators of the ECM system have the full control over the control and access of any electronic documents. Such capacity of ECM is what makes it essential and indispensable to many organizations.

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