ECM Maritime Services: An Effective Solution to Monitor the Movement of Goods

Maritime services need accurate and timely content and information management to meet the rigorous demands of the shipping industry.  This sector has the strictest regulations in terms of documentations, standards compliance, shipping security and organization and customer contact.  That’s because the maritime and shipping industry does not only transport people.  It is also being used as a major channel for moving durable goods across the globe.  The industry therefore performs critical economic functions.  That is why an enterprise content management solution is critical for maritime services providers.

For the transportation services of maritime companies, regulatory authorities require that documentations such as passenger manifest, cargo records and other paper works should be in order.  The voluminous records will be very difficult to manage if done without the help of enterprise content management solutions.  

The need for ECM applications is also critical for international cargo shipping.  Companies belonging to this maritime industry sector move goods and durables from one country to another.  Companies therefore will need an effective enterprise content management solution to monitor the movement of their ships and cargoes.  This is to ensure that the company transporting durable goods will not suffer from losses or pilferage.  Through enterprise content management applications, the records from the port of origin can be transmitted instantly to the ship’s destination.  In this way, maritime services can ensure that the integrity of their cargoes.

ECM solution can be a very effective tool to ensure the profitability of maritime services and companies.  Through maritime ECM solutions, shipping companies can improve their performance.

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