ECM Printing across the Organization

Companies consumed hundreds or thousands of pages in the printing of manuals, technical specifications, and status reports.  Because of the volume, it might be that by the time print jobs are done, the document is outdated.  Receiving out of date information may cause bad decisions in business due to inaccurate information.

Companies need to have a system that can create, capture and store information, as it becomes available.  ECM technology provides organizations with a platform to deliver unstructured content to proper format and to multiple enterprise applications.  It has a system that allows reuse of content and integrate hundreds
of content services to include checking of content, performing a search, returning search results, or approving an item in workflow with other business applications.
The reuse and share content across the organization and outside organization tends to improve employee effectiveness and reduce shipping, printing, and storage costs.  Companies do not have to spend so much in printing hundreds or thousands of pages, for a presentation that is to be used once or pages which recipient may not take a look into after all.

There are available ECM printing solutions that provides image capturing of high volume documents and report printing.  With these printing solutions productivity is increased as streamline report delivery is done, thus making documents available to parties regardless of location.

 The sharing of content information makes it easier for information to reach employees on time and print information only if need be.  The company saves more as printing costs is minimized and increases employee’s productivity, as information is available at hand.

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