Eight Steps to Successful Change Management and Organization

Change management will definitely create a huge impact on the organization. To achieve positive results, everyone should join hand-in-hand in ensuring that the new processes remain intact while focusing on improving the system further. There have been a lot of change management principles that were formulated in the past but only a few were applied by various organizations. One of these is the John Paul Kotter’s eight steps to successful change.

John Paul Kotter is a Harvard Business School professor, who is widely regarded as the one of the world’s most brilliant authors of leadership and change. His works include “The Leading Change” (published in 1995) and “The Heart of Change” (published in 2002) both made a mark on how organizations can actually manage and implement changes. Kotter’s eight steps to change model is summarized as follows:

(1) Increase urgency by inspiring people to move and make achievable objectives.
(2) Build a guiding team with the right emotional commitment and skill sets.
(3) Establish the right vision for the team to drive work efficiency.
(4) Involve as many people as possible and communicate the essentials to appeal and respond to people’s needs.
(5) Empower action by focusing on giving constructive feedback and support while recognizing good work behaviors and achievements.
(6) Set goals that are easy to achieve and finish the current phase before starting a new one.
(7) Encourage determination by relaying up to date information on the ongoing progress of the project.
(8) Reinforce the value of successful change by recruiting, developing and promoting new leaders.

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