Electronic Download of TOGAF Publications

There are TOGAF editions that can be made available through hard copy and some are available only through download.  The TOGAF Version 8 Enterprise Edition is one of those that can be made available through electronic download.

The TOGAF is available freely to organization to help them in designing their enterprise architecture.  The free downloading maybe accessed using THE One Group public website.  For organizations who are members of The Open Group Architecture Forum, can download and use TOGAF internally using the personal Annual Member License.   As for non-members, the TOGAF Version 8 is given free access on a personal, 90-day Evaluation License.  The personal license does not permit a non-member to pass the TOGAF documentation to their co-workers.  If other members of their organization would like to use or evaluate TOGAF, they will have to get their own Evaluation License.  After the 90-day free evaluation period, organization will be prompted to apply for a permanent License.

The following are the procedure for download:

For members:
– Check the  TOGAF 8 Member Licensing Conditions;
– Request to download TOGAF 8 under an Annual Member License.  Use your existing Open Group ID and password.

For Non-members:
–  Check the TOGAF 8 Evaluation Licensing Conditions
–  Request to download TOGAF 8 under a 90-day Evaluation License.

Both members and non-members will have to wait for an automated email providing them with the download location.

To be able to read The Open Group publications on their PDF files is for your computer to have the Adobe Acrobat Version 3 or higher downloaded.

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