Enabled IT Management Organization

One concept in the success of a business in a society that is knowledge based is the value creation with increase return. Strategic knowledge in managing the business is a factor in the attainment of its success. Enabled IT Management Organization is a book that has made an effort to understand the relation of Information Technology or IT as well as strategic management. It also intends to encourage a joint effort among the strategic and IT scholars to come up with a common solution regarding each phase of the business. Its purpose is to give a deeper understanding about technologies and the various processes in the business for the success of its performance. The approach of the book was to have an extensive theory review and research on all the practices and knowledge about the gap in the input of technology.

There are some closing remarks that came from the book thanking everyone that shared their insight and made great contributions to the book. Authors use some chapters in the book as reference for their articles since it is a good book that contains everything about IT management organization and it has a comprehensive review of all the topics found in each chapter of the book. The generation of all organizations pertained in the book gave an idea on the future needs of the customers and exposure across the different department within the organization and the response of each department to the changes that the organization will experience during the start of its operation.

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