Encryption and Authentication for PHP Developers

This subreddit is intended for links and discussions surrounding the theory and practice of strong cryptography, which lives at an intersection of math, programming, and computer science.

… • Do not ask people to break your cryptosystem without first sharing the algorithm.

… • Codes, ciphers, ARGs, and other such “weak crypto” don’t belong here. (Rule of thumb: If a desktop computer can break a code in less than an hour, it’s not strong crypto.)

… • “Crack this cipher” challenges also belong in /r/codes unless they’re based on interesting crypto implementation bugs, e.g. weak RSA keys.

…Be familiar with these before posting a question about a novel cryptosystem, or people will sigh and shake their heads:

…Feel free to message the moderators with suggestions for any other subreddits to link to with relevance to cryptology, cryptography, steganography, etc.

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