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As is my usual custom on the weekends, I took myself and my car down to the hand car wash to get its weekly shine. (we, here in Queensland are experiencing a drought, and therefore cannot wash cars at home – not that I would anyway, but…).  As I checked my car in, I started to draw parallels to ITIL® – and now let’s unpack this in ITIL® speak:


  • Service Catalogue – signs aplenty letting me know exactly what I can have ( funny that he most expensive service is closer to my line of sight…) – I was greeted with a smile and before  could speak, my car details entered onto the PDA.  To add to their service catalogue – I have to pay at the coffee counter – which yes, I was asked if I would like a coffee with my carwash ( was kinda hoping for fries actually)
  • Process driven service (pardon the pun!) – as I started to analyze the process to wash my car, I realized the importance of this end to end service, consisting of a series of activities – where my dirty car was the  input – and hopefully clean car at the end…
  • Process Owner- this is probably the best example of what a process owner is – the person who 1st registered my car ensured that at the end, my car was indeed clean and met my SLR. – Though he was not accountable, he was definitely responsible (RACI Model).  Through his QA, he is monitoring and reviewing the process.
  • Capacity Management –  As I was quietly waiting for my car, and reading the Sunday paper, sipping on my latte, I noticed the off peak sign, which offered extra service for the same price – which is fantastic – if I didn’t work and could come in at 8am Tuesdays(and even if I didn’t work –there is no way that I would be up at that time – let alone lining up at the car wash to save $5!)


Now – not so ITIL® – but have you ever been tempted to leave $50 on the floor to see if it is still there when you get your car back?? – ok – so maybe I am a cynic, or just having no faith in people ( I do actually) – but I still wonder???? – and even if they did take it – how do you prove it???? – ok, I admit it – although I am a big supporter of outsourcing, it sure is boring having to wait!


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service




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