Energy Power Management – Project Management for Energy Conservation

When power management is being talked about, what first comes into your mind? One common answer is of course “energy conservation”. In a business perspective, power management is one of the key elements in decreasing the cost to produce and serve goods and services, without sacrificing quality. In project management, this is considered a crucial step since projects usually have a short shelf life. But then again, come to think of it, the sole purpose of project management is to efficiently manage resources and energy conservation is one of them.

It is a good thing to note that some electrical appliances such as computers peripherals and copiers have a power management feature wherein it automatically triggers turning off the system after a long periods of inactivity. Because of this feature, the battery life of most portable and embedded systems is prolonged. Not only that. It also reduces operating costs due to reduced cooling requirement for desktop systems.

Since most projects are being conceptualized, planned and managed through the use of computers, then this is one way of conserving energy. The power management standard being used is called Advanced Configuration Power Interface or ACPI, which is being supported by recently produced computers.

Power management results to lower energy consumption. It does not only increase system stability due to low heat dissipation, but it also reduces the burden on both the company and the environment. It is indeed very critical nowadays to find ways on how to conserve energy. We should act now… before it’s too late.

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