Enhancing Data Reporting and Usage through Business Intelligence PPT

The integration of business intelligence and presentation software such as PowerPoint made data technology solutions more useful to users.  Specifically, the use of presentation tools in data reporting made business intelligence technology a valuable information resource. 

Business intelligence solutions provide data warehousing that can be accessed instantly in order to be used in making important business decisions.  The ability to query voluminous data sources is a major feature of business intelligence.  Consequently, accessed data should be filtered and analyzed by the BI infrastructure to make it more useful for the user.  All these data however cannot be effective if delivered to decision makers in a dry format. The information s effectiveness and impact could be compromised, making the business intelligence architecture ineffective. Reporting tools such as the business intelligence PowerPoint utility could make the data useable management information.  The ability to present dry data in an interactive and easy to understand format could truly make business intelligence a valuable utility in the decision making process.  It could also improve the efficiency of management teams in conducting meetings and conferences because the business intelligence can be comprehended quickly and easily.  If this should be the case, companies could greatly enhance the flow of information because data is reported and presented in a systematic manner.

Leading business intelligence applications that are available in the software market includes presentation utility in their set of data reporting tools.  Information managers therefore can convert complicated data and analytics into usable reports so that key company executives could be guided in making sound business decisions.

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