Enjoying New Ubuntu Features with Ubuntu 7.04 VMware

Ubuntu 7.04 is among the newly released version of Ubuntu operating system. It has amazing new features that will surely captivate the interest of many computer enthusiasts. But this operating system can now be easily incorporated in other platform-based computers for the purpose of testing Ubuntu 7.04. That can be done with the VMware application. Also, the user can create various virtual machines in an Ubuntu 7.04 computer with the VMware application. Whatever the user wants to gain from using Ubuntu 7.04 and VMware application, definitely, he will have the power of Ubuntu 7.04 VMware.

Experiencing Ubuntu 7.04 VMware will provide opportunity for the user to experience the new features of this new operating system. Among the many new features in an Ubuntu 7.04 is its Windows migration and partitioning tools. With this capability, user can now migrate wallpapers, Firefox booksmarks, Internet Explorer favorites, AOL and Yahoo Messenger contacts from a Window platform to Ubuntu 7.04. What’s more amazing is that this capability can be much easier and more possible as long as there is the use of the VMware application.

As explained, VMware applications, like VMware Server and VMware Workstation, can make it possible for the user to create virtual machines. With this new Windows migration feature of Ubuntu 7.04, a more harmonious use of Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu 7.04 can be enjoyed. The user can easily transfer the different applications from the Microsoft Windows virtual machine to Ubunto 7.04 virtual machine as long as there is the Ubuntu 7.04 VMware in the user’s computer. Not only that, Ubuntu 7.04 features can be used for other platforms created as virtual machines in one computer with the VMware software.

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