Enterprise Architect in a Nutshell

What is an Enterprise Architect?

Enterprise architecture is the organizing sense behind business systems and information technology infrastructure. It is a way of relating or aligning a firm’s business strategy with its IT investments. An enterprise architect is expected to understand all the technological components in the business systems The practitioners of this are known as enterprise architects which can be an individual or a team.

What is the Role of an Enterprise Architect?

An enterprise architect is actively working on the so-called architectural process which involves rules for the creation, maintenance and governance. The process starts with the documentation of the strategy and goals of the firm or organization. The enterprise architect should know the company wants to operate. Then, the process continues with the documentation and understanding of the enterprise structural components within the following categories: business, applications, information and technology.

The role of the enterprise architect is to be able to understand what processes are currently happening in the firm and what are the strategy, goals and operations for planning and decision-making needs. Upon studying these, the enterprise architect should be able to have a target goal, which is the result of trade-offs and compromises between the real situation and the ideal situation.

What are the attributes of a good enterprise architect?

Basically, a good enterprise architect must possess the quality of a maser chef who understands technology components and how these can be used in different quantities, which result to the best solution possible.

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