Enterprise Architect Job Description: Skills Needed for Successful Enterprise Architecture Developm

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Manage the company s enterprise architecture deployment.  This is the essence of enterprise architect job description and an increasing number of companies and organizations are looking for competent software developer, IT managers, and programmers that have the capability to develop and design enterprise architecture.  Implementation and maintenance of the system are also part of the enterprise architect s job description and requirement.

Specifically, companies demand that the enterprise architect should possess the ability to build company architectural artifacts.  These artifacts include existing IT infrastructure and software deployment.  Designing the blueprint of current IT environments of companies would enable the enterprise architect to model those data in order to align future technology deployment.  The artifacts are also valuable resource materials for establishing corporate architectural patterns which are necessary for setting the company s IT standards.

Complementing the design of enterprise architectural artifacts is the development of a project roadmap detailing different IT and business solutions that will be used for modeling appropriate enterprise architecture.  The new build zeroes in on targeted architectural implementation that will be useful for the new enterprise architecture model.  Certain functions such as the supervision and oversight of project implementation are included in the job description of enterprise architect.  Some companies also demand documentation, reporting, and assessment of application development as well as the creation of manuals and training materials for replicating the skills in enterprise architecture development and management.  IT specialists should equip themselves with these skills in order to gain a definite advantage in the enterprise architecture market.

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