Enterprise Architect Key and Its Two Known Uses

Enterprise Architect is a very useful software tool for many professionals. With this application, it may seem like the enterprise architect has a competent assistant to make him perform his job better. The Enterprise Architect is a good aid for planning, executing, and maintaining the alignment of the IT infrastructures and the business processes in an enterprise. But because the software is used for a complex work, many terms are also related to Enterprise Architect and many new users have no idea about these terms. A good example of this complex term is the “key.” Some encounter the Enterprise Architect key while downloading the application or installing it. Some also encounter the Enterprise Architect key while using a database application. Actually, the term “key” are used for both of these.

Enterprise Architect key can be seen when downloading this file from the Internet. The “key” here is the key generator or the CD key generator, more commonly known as the serial number. This is usually seen with cracked Enterprise Architect software. The user just needs to generate the key by choosing the “generate” option on the key gen window, and then, the serial number will be revealed. This Enterprise Architect key is needed in order to use the full features of the application.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise Architect key may mean a different thing when it comes to database use. The application is known to collaborate with different database applications. The “key” here is a field that the architect uses to sort the various data in the database. Sometimes, the Enterprise Architect key is called the key field, index, key work, or the sort key.

The Enterprise Architect key can therefore be used for two known uses and these are surely helpful for all enterprise architect professionals.

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