Enterprise Architect Resume The Need for Certification

Without certification, literally anyone can claim that they are subject matter experts on their own right when a certain field of study or subject is being talked about, especially when it comes to IT disciplines. During job interviews, it is very rare that the interviewer will ask the applicant to do certain things just to prove his or her qualification for the vacant position. Most of the time, the hiring process is done quick and easy but not that sufficient, wherein companies just rely on the skills written on the applicant s comprehensive resume. Some applicants may have a slight idea or know the basic principle behind certain processes but then again, reality check happens late. When it is time to convert these theories into practice, the newly hired professional produces unsatisfactory results. To prevent this unfortunate scenario from happening again, companies now require professionals with certification to signify their specialization.

One of the most in demand credentials nowadays is Enterprise Architecture. To be an enterprise architect, you must pass the Enterprise Architecture Certification exam that is being offered in most certification institutions. This achievement will definitely make your resume more appealing as more and more companies such as Intel and British Petroleum are into Enterprise Architecture to improve business productivity and performance. In addition, it would be best to also include a detailed list of skills and acquired technical knowledge on your resume. However, be prepared to have some application tests and comprehension checks during the hiring process as this will also indicate your qualification for any vacant slot within the company.

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