Enterprise Architect Salary: Boom or Bane to the Profession?

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The enterprise architect salary range has been increasing steadily over several years now.  Some reported that starting salary level for enterprise architects ranges from $150 thousand to $175 thousand.  This is just the basic pay and it does not include other perks such as yearly and performance bonuses, stock options, paid vacations, and many more.  This drove many IT specialists and managers to get certification on enterprise architecture to barge in on the enterprise architect job market.  The steady increase of enterprise architect salary levels can be attributed to the fact that the practice of corporate architecture implementation is also increasing.  There is a dearth for enterprise architects knowledgeable in building a comprehensive enterprise architecture system.  This therefore increases competition, not among enterprise architects, but among companies needing an expert in the trade.

Some sectors have proposed that the increasing salary levels could be detrimental to the profession of enterprise architecture.  The lucrative compensation packages offered to enterprise architects could drive other IT professionals and managers to jump into the bandwagon.  This will result to diminishing skill because other IT professionals lacking rich experience in enterprise architecture could parade themselves as enterprise architects.  This development will have an adverse impact on the quality of delivering architectural solutions to companies thus the whole industry will suffer.

The fear is well founded and merits serious attention.  The appropriate governing and professional regulatory agencies should exact strict standards on the certification of enterprise architects in order to screen the job market.  Enterprise architect organizations must also develop stricter standards on the practice of enterprise architecture.

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