Enterprise Architecture as Strategy A Reference Guide for Enterprise Engineers

For many years of study and research, there will always come a time that a book will be written well that it can be used as reference for current and future learning opportunities. In the case of Enterprise Architecture, the most widely read book ever published with this kind of subject or field of study is entitled  Enterprise Architecture as Strategy . By reading this book, you will learn that every company has its own architecture, but unfortunately, some just do not have the right one. Its content is based on surveys and interviews conducted at over a hundred leading companies, focusing on how these uses architecture as a guide in the continuously evolving business processes and IT systems. It also describes how to build and design a core foundation of processes that can be used to make room for market opportunities and drive business growth and profitability.

This book also features several top performing companies that focused on enterprise architecture, instead of IT architecture. It has been recognized that focusing on a higher level of enterprise architecture can make a huge impact to the business. The best practices and strategies of companies such as 7-Eleven, Toyota, UPS, and Dow Chemical among others can be read on this book and can also be applied by several other companies to develop a more stable system process that will pave the way for the design and implementation of a world-class architecture.

Authors of this book include Jeanne W. Ross, Ph.D., a research scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Peter Weill, Ph.D., the director of MIT Sloan School s Center for Information Systems Research, and David Robertson, Ph.D., a profession at IMD in Switzerland. These following individuals have truly captured what Enterprise Architecture is all about.


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