Enterprise Architecture Assessment: Evaluating the Lessons of Architecture Projects

Just like any other industrial and organizational endeavors, the practice of enterprise architecture should be constantly evaluated, assessed, and analyzed.  This could lead to the development of new techniques and methodologies that are derived from successful practice of enterprise architecture. 

That is why enterprise architecture assessment is a very important task which should be integrated in the overall design of implementation.  By conducting enterprise architecture assessment, companies and software developers can evaluate the work done and see if the implemented architecture really conforms to the existing technology architecture.  This conformance is the litmus test of every enterprise architecture deployment because the implementation of architectural projects precisely targets this aspect.  In other words, the enterprise architecture assessment should revolve around ideas and evaluations if the implemented architecture is aligned to the current technological level and structures of the company.  This should be the principal goal of any enterprise architecture assessment.  It could yield valuable insights and information on the strength and weaknesses of the current architecture. 

By counter-posing it to previous technology assessments, the developer can clearly see areas where the architecture should be further refined.  It should be noted also that every enterprise architecture initiatives started with an assessment of existing IT infrastructure of the company.  This assessment should be retrieved and evaluated against the current architecture to see if improvements to the corporate systems were implemented.  Enterprise architecture assessments can benefit the company because of increased knowledge on the specific concerns of its architecture.  It can also benefit the developers because the evaluations can serve as lessons that can be followed for future implementations.

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